Tree Trimming in Volusia County & Flagler County

Trees are considered the lungs of Earth, breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. However, even the strongest trees sometimes need care to thrive, and when they do, calling in the professionals for tree trimming in Volusia ensures the task is completed correctly and safely.

In order to thrive, your trees need occasional pruning or trimming. A well-maintained tree is safer to live near and healthy trees are a part of keeping a healthy yard, both for your plants and for your household. Careful tree trimming can help reduce the severity of storm and wind damage, especially during the spring and summer. Clearing out dead branches also helps to slow and halt the spread of decay, reducing the risk of more severe rot or infections. If you are looking for a healthier and sunnier yard, then it is time to assess your trees for possible trimming.

Maintaining Tree Health

If you have trees in your yard, proper upkeep is important for the health of the tree and the safety of your family and property. The branches are the primary concern because, even while a tree’s trunk continues its steady and strong upward growth, the branches weaken over time.

Collecting small twigs is an inevitable task for homeowners. While inconvenient, this natural shedding seldom does any harm. Larger branches, however, can become a serious hazard. They can splinter and fall with almost no warning or a storm may send an apparently stable large branch crashing down on whatever sits beneath.

Signs You Need To Trim Your Trees

It isn’t always easy to tell when it is time to trim your trees, but there are a few indicators to look out for.

  1. Brittle branches: Live, healthy branches are pliable. If you hear cracking sounds coming from your tree when the wind blows or when you try to bend the branches, you likely have some dead or dying limbs.
  2. Bare spots: It is normal for a tree to shed bark on the trunk and large limbs, but new bark should be growing underneath. If you begin to notice bare spots where there should be bark, it is time to call in the professionals for tree trimming in Volusia.
  3. Leaf fall: While leaves naturally fall from even healthy trees, excessive leaf litter out of season can indicate you have dead limbs. If you notice leaves on individual branches turning brown or falling off the tree when they shouldn’t, a dead branch is potentially the culprit.
  4. Missing cambium: Underneath the bark on a healthy tree is a very thin layer of green substance called cambium. The presence of this substance indicates that the branch is continuing to grow. If you scratch the surface or peel back the bark and don’t see this layer, it is a sign that the branch may be dead.

Safe and Professional Tree Trimming in Volusia County and North Central Florida

At Tree Care America, we have years of experience in arboriculture. Our skilled team takes pride in providing professional services. If you would like us to evaluate your trees or you know you need some trimming, give us a call at (386) 503-TREE or use our online form today!