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Tree Removal In Volusia County & Flagler County

Tree extraction is sometimes a necessary part of healthy yard maintenance. If you need tree removal in Volusia County or Flagler County, it is essential to get professional assistance. Damage to your home and property, or even a serious injury to yourself or others, can result from attempts to remove a tree on your own.

Tree Care of America specializes in tree upkeep and gives you expert assessment and service to remove a tree safely and thoroughly, so you can continue to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor environment.

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Safety is the most important consideration when you are in need of tree removal service in Volusia County. We have the equipment and experience required to remove trees from your property. Here are just some of the reasons it is important to hire a tree removal specialist: 

  Operation of heavy equipment, such as aerial lifts, woodchippers, cranes, chainsaws and stump grinders

 Climbing to dangerous heights

  Falling debris

 Taking down live electrical components

 Searching out gas lines

 Cleaning up large refuge 

We take all of the necessary precautions to get the job done well and to protect your valuable property.


Before removing any trees, it is essential to receive expert consultation on possible problems and solutions. Trees that are prone to diseases and parasites may be able to be successfully treated. Experienced arborists can also examine soil quality and determine if a tree is nutrient deficient. In fact, a detailed examination may lead to a different result than removing the tree – saving you money.

If tree removal is desired to improve the look or function of your yard, it is still important to assess how to take a tree down to avoid damaging other foliage and property. Tree Services of America offers free estimates, so you can make an informed decision.

Tree Removal Volusia CountyCost

Cost is a significant factor in choosing tree-removal services. Renting equipment is expensive and it is crucial to know the equipment you will need. Mistakes can result in costly repairs, and you could end up needing to hire a professional anyway.

Liability is another issue. If you damage your property or your neighbor’s, you will likely be personally responsible for damages. That is not a chance most homeowners are willing to take.

Personal injury is also a real concern. Insurance coverage hassles related to do-it-yourself tree-removal injuries can have complicated and often negative outcomes.

Protect and Preserve Your Landscape

Maintaining the landscaping on your property is an important part of both the esthetic and livable qualities of any home.

Trust your tree pruning and removal services to the professionals at Tree Care America. We possess the knowledge and expert qualifications in arboriculture you need, and we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job.

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