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Tree Care America is a local business serving Volusia County, Flagler County and the North Central Florida area. With decades of experience in arboriculture, we are an all American company, with pride in the red white and blue. We specialize in helping our clients increase the value, beauty and safety of their properties. Whether it’s an emergency, regular maintenance, or just a simple esthetic touch-up, Tree Care America will provide professional service with our trusted 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Everything you ask for and one thing extra for free, call us today to schedule your free – no obligation estimate!

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Tree Services in Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Port Orange & Surrounding Areas

Tree Care America is a team of individuals dedicated to the improvement and safety of your home. With decades of combined experience and one of North Florida’s most dedicated, and recognized,  certified arborists. We have a 25-year veteran on our staff who is noted for operating the largest and most successful ornamental tree farm in the southeastern United States. We also provide tree services in Mandarin, Julington Creek, Ortega, Fleming Island and Orange Park.

Tree Services in Volusia County

Specialty Tree Care

Every tree is as unique as a human thumbprint and Tree Care America understands the best practices for every situation. We understand our local landscape and consult with trusted arborists to make the best decisions when working with your property’s flora. Trees are our specialty, we hope to offer you our professional services, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Florida weather can have some threatening effects on trees and your property is not immune to decay or overgrowth. You can trust the local experts to have integrity when assessing the damage. We at Tree Care America understand that some trees are too hazardous to your home and need to be removed. We take the precautions necessary in tree removal to ensure the safety of your home and property.


Did an insurance review uncover some dangerous limbs above your home? Maybe you need to clear out that canopy above your pool to put a cage around it to keep out the mosquitos? Our team of professionals will inspect your property and help come up with a plan that will remedy your situation, whatever it might be!

Stump Grinding

There are few things that are more jarring than an old stump in an otherwise pristine lawn. Whether it was left from another company or from a DIY tree removal, we here at Tree Care America can take that stump out and leave the lawn cleaner than when we got there.

Storm Damage

Tropical storms and hurricanes are just simply a part of life in Florida and they shift our landscapes in unimaginable ways. Tree Care America is a local company that will be the first to respond to your emergency.  With bold stripes, bright stars and brave hearts we offer emergency services 24/7. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what survived the storm and you want someone to take care of your property as if it were their own. Tree Care America brings quality and timely service to those in need regardless of the disaster.

All Debris Hauled

There is nothing worse than paying for a service like tree care and then finding yourself with a huge eyesore of a debris pile on your curb. Or maybe some contractors left your yard a mess and you haven’t had the chance to clean up after them. Tree Care America guarantees to leave your property clean after any job and if you have debris leftover from a previous project we can remove that too. Everything you wanted and one thing extra for free!

Free Estimates

Tree removal can get expensive when there are multiple extractions in a single job. The size of a tree or the volume of trimmings will affect the cost of service as well. Tree Care America feels so confident in our value that we offer FREE estimates on all services! We want to get your property looking its best and at its safest. Call today!

Risk Assessment

Every tree is different and that can play a factor in the removal or preservation of a tree. Not just a difference between species but the ages, sizes, soil and amount of branches are just a few of the factors in assessment. Our team of professionals will make sure to tell you exactly how much of a threat certain trees might be to your property and let you know which ones are safe. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee because assessments are taken with integrity and we will not persuade you to remove anything that is not necessary.


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