Tree Service in Ormond Beach

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your property safe and your trees healthy. Hiring professionals, such as the Tree Care America team, ensures a job well done and a keen eye for signs of trouble. When you need tree service in Ormond Beach, our experts deliver no matter the task.

Tree Care America History of Tree Service in Ormond Beach, FL

Opening its doors in 2020, Tree Care America has spent the past few years establishing a solid foundation to serve our community. We can provide tree maintenance in the following areas:

  • North Central Florida
  • Flagler County
  • Volusia County

Whether you have only one sapling or your backyard rivals Bulow Creek State Park, we can assist.

Tree Care America offers a variety of services, including tree trimming in Ormond Beach. Overgrown branches can affect your ground-level plants, as they won’t receive as much sunlight. Branches overhanging your property can also allow wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, rats and mice, to access your rooftop. Once critters touch down, they can easily enter your house through attic vents, air conditioning ducts and small holes.

Trimming is also essential to keeping your trees healthy. Dead or diseased limbs pose a threat to the healthy parts of the tree and require removal. To further ensure the health of your yard, consider our other forms of tree service in Ormond Beach:

  • Risk assessment
  • Debris hauling
  • Specialty tree care
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding

Tree Service Challenges

Living so close to Ormond Beach has its benefits; where else can you explore Tomoka State Park, relax at Ormond-by-the-Sea and visit historic sites, such as The Casements, all in one weekend?

Unfortunately, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean poses certain challenges. Our area faces tropical storms and hurricanes, with winds exceeding 100 miles per hour. These natural disasters can easily pick up large debris — including trees.

Dead or dying trees pose a serious threat during hurricanes, as their roots may not hold against the forceful wind. As a result, they can land on cars and houses, doing extensive damage. Dead branches pose the same problem.

When the skies clear, homeowners must assess the damage to their property, including harm to healthy trees. Flying debris can wreak just as much havoc on your trees as uprooted trees can do to your home.

Tree Care America’s Solutions

Fortunately, our tree service in Ormond Beach can help you recover from and even prevent the above issues. Our risk assessment service identifies problems early, allowing you to be proactive. If a tree is beyond saving and poses a danger, we can provide tree removal in Ormond Beach, eliminating the risk of uprooting during a storm.

We can also survey your property after a storm to gauge the health of your landscaping. In fact, we offer 24/7 emergency services specifically for this purpose.

Estimates for Tree Service in Ormond Beach

The experts at Tree Care America have decades of arboriculture experience and prioritize serving our customers. You can rest easy knowing your trees will receive top-notch care, as we keep up with best practices, ensuring we remain equipped to deliver ethical, safe and proven tree service in Ormond Beach. To request your free estimate, call 386-703-8181 or contact us online.